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With over 60 years of family commitment to the plumbing industry, St Charles Plumbing Company has the history and knowledge to perform all your plumbing needs.  We are license, insured, and bonded to work on both residential and commercial plumbing projects.  If need a master plumber in St Charles, MO set up an appointment today! 636-336-6944

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St. Charles Plumbing Company did a fantastic job on my master bathroom remodel. They were professional, courteous and clean. Between the plumbing and tile installer (recommended by Brady) I was able to save $7,000.00. I would definitely recommend their services to any of my family and friends.

Thanks for the great Job!

Kori Quesenberry

I highly recommend St. Charles Plumbing due to the excellent quality of work and competitive prices. I was remodeling a bathroom in our home and we needed a reliable and trustworthy plumber. Brady came over and gave us a quote on what needed to be done. When he completed the job he actually did not charge me for certain things were not needed! Honesty and integrity are both qualities I look for when bringing someone into my home to do work, and Brady possess both of those. On another occasion my sump pump stopped working during a major storm. Within 30 minutes Brady came over and helped us stop the flooding. Since then we have remodeled the other 2 bathrooms in our house, and are now in the process of adding one. St Charles Plumbing has done all of the plumbing on each of these projects. If you are looking for an experienced plumber with integrity, call St. Charles Plumbing. They will do the job right the first time, and charge you a fair price for the work performed.

Frank Molitor

First off I would like to truly thank you and your staff for being so respectful and courtesy to my family. We were in need of a new water heater to be installed. I hired St. Charles Plumbing Co. to handle the installation. We had some code issues that somehow got passed our home inspection. Not only was St. Charles Plumbing Co. very knowledgeable on current codes, but they explained why it was important to do the right way. On top of the water heater they explained to me how the addition of an expansion tank will prolong the life of my water heater.

The quality of the finished job and the skill at which the soldering was performed was amazing. Being a DIY guy myself, watching a master plumber at work was just terrific. It was just faultless and clean at every joint. When the job was completed they cleaned up and even hauled my old water heater away for me.

I am not one who is easy to impress and have never left a review for anything in the past. I felt compelled to do this based on the amazing job that I received from St. Charles Plumbing Co. I will never use another plumbing company again.

Thank you so much!!! You have earned a lifelong customer and I have already referred you to my friends and family.

Knowledgeable, courtesy, professional and respectful. I will never use anyone else!!!

Dan Craley

We stand behind our work and guarantee reliable installations and repairs.


Do I "need" a Master Plumber in St Charles MO?

What is a Master Plumber?

Master plumbers are not merely construction workers who like to do plumbing.  They are highly trained in their field for several years by another master plumber and then rigorously tested by either their state and/or city to certify that they know the codes and proper methods to complete all types of plumbing work.  Hiring a master plumber can give you confidence that your plumbing needs are being done by a professional.

Do I need a Master Plumber?

You might not need a master plumber for every plumbing situation, so if you are wondering if you should hire a master plumber in St Charles, MO here are a few things you should consider:

Special Equipment

Do you have all the proper equipment and tools you need to complete the job?  Plumbing requires many specialty tools to cut pipe, attach fittings, check pressures, solder pipes, and much more.  If you don’t have the right tools or don’t know how to use them properly, you will be much better off hiring a fully equipped professional plumber.

Safety and Money

Do you know what could happen if a plumbing job went wrong? Water pipes travel all through residential and commercial buildings. One fitting that hasn’t been properly installed can cause flooding and extensive water damage which can destroy heirlooms, equipment, data, and building structures. Unless you are absolutely confident that you won’t make one mistake, it is only safe to find a master plumber.

City Codes

Every city has codes that must be followed when installing plumbing and drain pipes.  In addition, to install plumbing many times you need permits from the city and an inspector may need to come out to see what was done.  In order to pull the permits and get the plumbing approved by an inspector, a master plumber may be needed.  You can learn more about requirements and find out who can do plumbing work in your area by calling your city inspector’s office.


Many insurance companies will only insure professional who are certified in their field.  If you hire someone to do plumbing work who is not a master plumber, chances are their work isn’t backed by an insurance company.  If they make a mistake and something gets damaged in your home or commercial building, you could be the one holding the bill to fix it (if it is fixable).  This could cost you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Don’t take the risk of hiring a handyman.  Find a professional who is specialized and insured.

If you are in the St Louis Metropolitan area in Missouri and need a master plumber, then look no further than St Charles Plumbing Company.  We offer professional plumbing services to businesses and individuals doing both commercial and residential plumbing work.  Getting a plumber in St Charles MO is as easy as calling (636) 336-6944 or emailing StCharlesPlumbingCo@gmail.com.  You can also find us online at StCharlesPlumbingCo.com where you can fill out a form to make an appointment.

Be safe and protect your investments by calling St Charles Plumbing Company today! (636) 336-6944